Programs and Fees

Age Divisions based upon Athletics Alberta 2022/2023

Age Category Age as of December 31
U10 / Tyke (7 – 9 yrs)
U12 / Pee Wee (10 – 11 yrs)
U14 / Bantam (12 – 13 yrs)
U16 / Midget (14 – 15 yrs)
U18 / Youth (16 – 17 yrs)
U20 / Junior (18 – 19 yrs)
20+ / Senior (20 + yrs)
35+ / Master (35 + yrs)

Junior Development Program  

Designed for Tyke, Pee Wee and Bantam aged athletes (aged 8-13) with the philosophy that this age athlete should be exposed to as many events as possible.  The emphasis will be on skill building, fun and fitness.

Development Program (Tyke, Peewee and Bantam)

  • Indoor Season:
    • Fall (October – December): $160.00
    • Winter (January – April): $240.00
    • Fall/Winter (October – April): $400.00
  • Outdoor Season:
    • Spring: (May – July): $310.00
  • Full Year: 

Indoor/Outdoor (October –July): $650.00  

Performance Program

Designed for Midget and older athletes (aged 14+) participating with the club for development and growth in specific events. They may compete at all meets. Athletes moving on to higher meets (Provincials/Nationals) may receive additional practices.

  • Indoor Season:
    • Fall (October – December): $160.00
    • Winter (January – April): $240.00
    • Fall/Winter (October – April): $400.00
  • Outdoor Season:
    • Spring: (May – July): $420.00
  • Full Year: 
    • Indoor/Outdoor (October – July): $725.00

Please see the practice schedule

Registration can be done on line at

Track meet fees are paid per meet. Each meet has different fees, so when the meet information is sent to you, the fees will be on it. Some meets you must enter on your own, and some our team manager does for you. An email will be sent out giving you instructions for each meet.

Value for your money and commitment:

Your club provides the following to each athlete:

  1. Athletics Alberta Membership fees – Depending on the age of the athlete these fees range from $60 to $105 per athlete.  Athletics Alberta membership sign-up is included in the online registration.
  2. Team Insurance
  3. Coaching and coach development
  4. Facility Rentals – Collicutt Center track and field house during indoor season and Legion Track in the spring/summer

Need some help with fees? Try one of the following organizations:

Canadian Tire Jumpstart


9 comments on “Programs and Fees

  1. Hi, Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Ive just read your email. I am the sprint coach with the club and would love it for you to “get back on track” We train every Tuesday / Thursday at Lindsay Thurber HS from 5 – 6:30. As well because it is the summer season, we usually train on Sundays.
    If you want to touch base with me you can reach me at 403-606-5768. It’s exciting times here at the club as I have been coaching Jeremiah Lauzon who recently achieved a world ranking of 24th in the world.

  2. Hi, my daughter is 9yrs old, she just did the Dawe run & finished 2nd! I had no idea, she was into running and could even run 3km. She said she wants to learn how to run faster. What night during the week is your program?

    Thank you for your help.
    Jennifer Moborg

  3. I have a 14 year old daughter that is interested in joining your club, she isn’t a strong runner but would like to improve. She isn’t really interested in competition at this time. When could she start and what is the cost?

    • Hello!

      Your daughter can join anytime! Track meets are always optional, there is no pressure to compete. We practice Tuesdays and Thursdays at the Collicutt from 5:00 to 6:30. At 14, she would be practicing with the older group and fees are as follows:
      $725 – September to July (Full year indoor and outdoor)
      $400 – September to April (Indoor only)
      $400 – April to August (Outdoor only)

      She’s also welcome to come and try it out for a week then decide if it’s for her.

  4. Hello, I have a son that loves track he is very good at the 100/ 200 would love to learn hurtles.
    He is likely to be done hockey middle of feb, his team is unlikely to make playoffs sadly.
    What would the cost be to join middle of feb to end of April?
    He is 13 years old.

    • Hello! Your son is welcome to join as we accept registration at any time, but we do not prorate the fees so the cost for that remainder of the indoor season would still be $400.

  5. Hello,
    I have a nine-year-old boy that is interested in trying out some track and field. He is interested in running so this is the first avenue I thought I would try. His hockey season will wrap up the middle of March, and I had seen an earlier comments indicating that you do allow for one week free before committing to the season. We would be looking to put him in the spring season, April to July. Can you please confirm if the 1 week trial is in fact available, and if so how would I go about registering him for that?


    • Hello,
      Your son is welcome to come out and try out the club for 2 weeks before committing to signing up. We are still at the Collicutt at the beginning of April on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5 to 6:30. The athletes meet at the coffee shop just before 5 and he can join in with Coach DeeAnns’ group. There is no need to register for the trial.

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